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From recipes to downloadable coloring pages, Grace After Fire facilitates activities that promote health and overall well-being.

Our Services

Grace After Fire offers several services that empower women Veterans to live their best lives. If you're new to the organization, create an account, build your profile and get access to exclusive Grace After Fire events.

Our services are available to women Veterans from all service eras, branches, and discharge statuses.

If you are a woman Veteran interested in any of these services, please create a profile with Grace After Fire by clicking the button below.

Creating a profile with us is a necessary first step for participating in most services we offer (peer-to-peer support, financial assistance, resource navigation).

Support Groups

Designed specifically for women Veterans in transition from military to civilian life.

Community Resource Navigation

Our outreach coordinators help women Veterans navigate and find resources that meet their specific needs.

Financial Assistance

We provide financial assistance to women Veteran and their dependents in Texas.

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Wellness Programs

Yoga, fitness groups and creative classes. Join our GAF groups for healthy living activities.

Social Events
& Annual Retreats

Free social events for women Veterans to connect with each other and take a moment to relax, reflect, and have fun.

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