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Family STEM & Social Events

Our workshops provide educational tools for Women Veterans and their families for a more self sustaining future. Our vision for workshops includes financial educations, health and mental services, employment and technical opportunities for Women Veterans and their families.

These will include:

  • Mommy and Me Workshops - Strengthening the family through STEM activities

  • Providing Certification Workshops for Veteran

  • Leading Women Veteran to a more sustaining future in Technical careers

  • Peer-to-peer groups allow Women Veterans of all backgrounds a safe place to belong and heal from trauma through shared experience

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Benefits for Veteran and Family

Supplies tangible certifications for future employment for the Veteran, while allowing dependents to advance their knowledge in STEM and grow together

Benefits for Community Partner

Direct Access to Her and family while training potential future employees

Benefits for the Community

Assist in the successful transition of the Veteran family into the local community

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Interested in attending an upcoming event?  Check out our events calendar!

Interested in helping out at one of our events?

Other programming includes Financial Assistance, Peer-to-Peer Support Groups, Annual Retreats, Health & Wellness, and Resource Referrals.

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