Table Talk: Color Me Camo Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

A time to connect with women Veterans in and around your community.

Table Talk Color Me Camo is a peer-to-peer support group program specifically designed for women Veterans.

The purpose of the program is to empower women Veterans by facilitating meaningful conversations between peers and by forging strong bonds between women Veterans in their local communities.

Table Talk™ focuses on identifying and addressing barriers women Veterans face on the path to positive change, through structured interaction with trained facilitators and fellow peers.

All Table Talk weekly peer support sessions are led by trained women Veteran volunteers or Grace After Fire outreach staff.

The program provides educational materials and activities that promote self-knowledge, self-understanding, self-development and self-renewal for the woman Veteran.

Group topic discussions include: Self-analysis, Self-development, Relationships, Life Management, and Community Resources.


This program is supported by a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance. The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance provides grants to organizations serving veterans and their families.

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The mission of Grace After Fire is to provide the means for women Veterans to gain knowledge, insight and self-renewal.


We strive to bring back the sisterhood we shared while in the military, after we take the uniform off.



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