Our Impact

Grace After Fire had a huge impact in 2018.  The following are our most notable successes:


  • GAF facilitated 82 Table Talk Color Me Camo peer-to-peer support groups, trained 18 New facilitators to conduct weekly peer-to-peer groups and connected with 281 new women Veterans.

  • 3,521 Connections were made to women Veterans and her family through email, phone call, or in person.

  • Hosted first ever “In A League of Their Own” Fundraiser event with the Sugar Land Skeeters. This event celebrated and recognized years of women serving in the military. Event gathered 6,983 fans, raised more than $20,000 for GAF programming, hosted 5 Veteran community Vendors tables, 35 volunteers contributed their time to event and recognized 15 specific Women Veterans on the field during the event.

  • GAF Participated in and assisted in the creation of the first ever Women Veterans Day March and symposium (June 2018 was the time recognized as Women Veterans’ Month in the state of Texas).

  • GAF was part of a nation-wide body image research project with Texas Woman University in which the results were published.

  • During 2018, we extended our reach through the various mentioned avenues and featured in the following media stream and publications:

    • Empowering Arms KHOU 11

    • Clearlake Local News paper

    • Glamour Magazine

    • Fox Sports

    • Several Newspaper Sources (Elevated Tech piece)

  • GAF formed 43 New Community Connections and potential Partnerships during the year.

  • GAF became a VISTA One Star Hosting Site:

    • A systematic best practice was put into place by the Board to cultivate relations between the Organization (i.e. Board)and its stakeholders (i.e. Cooperation’s, individuals Veterans, Foundations, etc.)  With the system, we saw an increase in the effectiveness in relationship between the organization and the community.


The mission of Grace After Fire is to provide the means for women Veterans to gain knowledge, insight and self-renewal.


We strive to bring back the sisterhood we shared while in the military, after we take the uniform off.



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