Grace After Fire
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"I feel blessed to have found them on the internet. I am so glad I did."
- Carolyn, Veteran on March Summit
"Being allowed to bring my kid made me able to focus while I was being "fed," it means a lot. Thanks for just being here."
- Rahmindah, Veteran on March Family Retreat
"I was very impressed with the speakers. Thank you for providing the opportunity! Loved It!"
- Kimberly, Veteran on March Summit
"I've had the time of my life. It was a wonderful experience and put me in a position to carry on."
- Keith, Veteran on March Family Retreat
"When you have families coming together it makes us stronger. I can't wait to apply it and pay it forward."
- Mary, Veteran on March Family Retreat
"Awesome work you are doing here for the ladies of the military."
- 24/7 365 Supporting Our Troops, Vets, & their families
"Grace After Fire supports the whole woman. Does not feel like "cookie cutter" treatment."
- Trish, Veteran on March Family Retreat
"Grace After Fire rocks. Looking forward to more meetings!"
- Gail, Veteran on March Family Retreat