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Grace After Fire selected as one of the Veteran Nonprofit Partners to benefit from the 2019 VetsAid Concert

VetsAid 2019

Grace After Fire was recently selected as a Veteran Nonprofit Partner to benefit from Joe Walsh's 2019 VetsAid Concert!

You can read the full press release here!

VetsAid 2019 will take place at 5:30pm on Sunday, November 10, 2019, on the eve of Veterans Day, at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. The concert will feature sets from ZZ Top, Brad Paisley, Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit and Joe Walsh.

Interested in attending the VetsAid Concert?
Tickets are on sale now at:

Grace After Fire featured in Bayou City Press (Women Veterans' Night with the Sugar Land Skeeters)

Grace After Fire's 2019 "In a League of Their Own" Women Veterans' Night event with the Sugar Land Skeeters was recently featured in an article by the Bayou City Press!

You can find the article here:



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Thanks to the Veteran Support Foundation for $7,500 in funding towards the San Antonio Table Talk program


Thanks to the Veteran Support Foundation for awarding Grace After Fire $7,500 in funding for our San Antonio Table Talk program!

This financial support will enable us to continue to expand our programming reach in San Antonio and serve even more women veterans and their families in the San Antonio region.

Chloe McFeters Interview of Mea Williams, Grace After Fire President/CEO

Read the full article on Chloe McFeters website:

Here's a small excerpt from the interview...

CM: Through your work, what have you come to believe are the biggest challenges that some of your fellow women Veterans face after separating from the military?

MW: What I have come to learn about some of the greatest challenges that my fellow women Veterans face is that after leaving the military and reentering their communities as veteran citizens, many women veterans face the challenge of finding a sense of belonging. It's hard sometimes to go back into a community where the people have not served and don't quite understand the mindset of those who have served. Sometimes it is just hard to fit in or to feel that sense of "belonging" in a place that is unfamiliar.

When a women Veteran leaves the military, she is fighting quiet "wars" inside, and she doesn't always know how to express or explain that to someone who has not experienced the same thing. When it comes to the foundation of the military, I like to refer to the three "S Pillars": Structure, Systems, and Support. Service members soon come to know, appreciate, and rely on that structure, system, and support. For example, in thinking about structure, a woman serving in the military knows exactly what each day is going to look like, from what she wears, to when she eats, to the flow of work for the day ahead. There's always a plan for the day, and you know the plan. Then there are systems, the military's way of sorting and maintaining things, rules, policies, and procedures, a structure that each day is built upon. And then there is support. In the military you have your command, your brothers and sisters in arms. We may not always agree while in uniform, but when you are in service, you certainly are going to have folks there who are accountable for you, and you for them, and you and they will be there for each other in time of need. At least that is what is taught and is expected to happen. Without those pillars in place, some Veterans tend to lose their sense of direction and belonging.

Other challenges include: finding a sense of purpose, identifying a career that fits the skills learned and practiced in the military, and finding a support system of people who "get it."

Read the full article on Chloe McFeters website:

Grace After Fire President/CEO Participates in 2016 Leadership Institute Series

 Mea Williams at sva leadership summit june 2016

Grace After Fire President/CEO, Mea Williams participates in the Student Veterans of America (SVA) 2016 Leadership Institute Series: Houston, June 16-18, 2016, sponsored by BP.

The Leadership Institute Series is an annual series of leadership training events around the country. Focus is on strategic planning and business plan development. On the last day, each chapter presents their plan to a panel of judges from the local business community who provide expert feedback and advice.

You can find the Student Veterans of America on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They use the #SVALeads hashtag to note leadership summits.