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Grace After Fire offers support services for women who have served in the military in Bexar County.


Grace After Fire Awarded Grant from The Simmons Foundation

The Simmons Foundation Announces New Grants to Help Women Veterans

Initiative Targets Five Houston Nonprofits Serving Women Veterans and Their Families

HOUSTON – Today The Simmons Foundation announced the award of grants to five local nonprofits seeking to locate and serve an estimated 22,000 women veterans living in the Greater Houston area. The grant awards are for $12,500 and also include professional mentoring through the United Way of Greater Houston’s Learning Circles for nonprofit professionals.

Through this opportunity, the Simmons Foundation is awarding grants to private nonprofit organizations that have a distinct interest in providing services to female veterans living in the greater Houston area. In addition to the Learning Circle, the grant will offer an opportunity for the agencies to learn from each other’s approach to service delivery for women veterans participating in their programs. The awarded agencies provide a range of services that address issues such as mental health, homelessness, career transitioning, family reunification/strengthening and access to military benefits.

 “We hope that these grants will support our vision of building an educated, tolerant and resilient community, particularly for women veterans. By partnering with the United Way of Greater Houston, we are strengthening our partnership with veteran-serving organizations that work tirelessly to provide our returning servicewomen with support for their transition to the civilian sector,” said Linda May, Executive Director of The Simmons Foundation. “The work of the United Way of Greater Houston to strengthen local nonprofit organizations has already helped tens of thousands of local residents. Their commitment to veteran-serving agencies made this partnership a natural fit.”

This is the first year the Simmons Foundation has offered a grant opportunity specifically targeted at veterans-serving organizations. The Foundation has a tradition of being receptive to innovative funding opportunities. In 2012, the Simmons Foundation Board of Directors approved 176 grants totaling $3,457,676 primarily in the greater Houston area.

Recipients of the grant award, include:

· Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance -

· Santa Maria Hostel, Inc. -

· SER – Jobs for Progress -

· Grace After Fire -

· Worklife Institute –
More information about the Simmons Foundation is available at A copy of the United Way of Greater Houston’s Veterans Resource Directory can be downloaded at

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About The Simmons Foundation

The mission of the Simmons Foundation is to partner with organizations that strengthen women, youth and families while building an educated, tolerant and resilient community. The Simmons Foundation supports nonprofits that help individuals, particularly marginalized and vulnerable populations, obtain resources and tools that build character and leadership and develop skills so they can improve their lives. It is the Foundation’s further intent to invest in organizations and neighborhoods so they become robust and sustainable.

Healing Moral Wounds

When retired Army Chaplain Herman Keizer Jr. comes to Fort Worth, strangers, seeing his Purple Heart cap, sometimes pay for his dinner.

Keizer appreciates the pride and feelings of support that Texans often show to veterans, both of current wars and earlier ones. His work in North Texas, the thing that brings him here for about a week each month,is a new kind of effort to help veterans of all those wars — and of future conflicts.

The group he works with, based at Brite Divinity School on the Texas Christian University campus, doesn’t provide psychological counseling or job referrals or help in obtaining veterans’ services. In fact, the group rarely counsels individual veterans.


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New Speakers Bureau Unveiled

First –EverNational Women Veterans Speakers Bureau Launches

Veterans from All Military Branches, Poised for

Corporate, Military and Educational Speaking Events

San Francisco, CA (September 17, 2013) Veteran-owned publishing and multicultural marketing firm Gracefully Global Group LLC announces the launch of a unique new speakers bureau featuring all women military veterans. With uniformed service spanning the years 1978 to 2009, this group of military women authors, entrepreneurs and leadership experts represent three generations of service. They offer important lessons gained globally, intriguing stories of combat and deployment, and fascinating insights not available elsewhere. In addition, these veterans all desire to bring authentic voices and relevant perspectives to the current national conversation about women in the military and to encourage girls and young women to pursue challenging areas of study and careers in technical fields.

These professional speakers are joining forces to bring their training, leadership experiences and powerful storytelling to audiences eager to hear from our nation’s military women. Speaking topics available from this elite group of speakers include effective leadership in global organizations, cross-cultural management of resources, success and timing of life events in demanding and high intensity career fields, the art of prioritization - all transferable lessons to any organization today. In addition, those who have published books with specific areas of expertise speak on a variety of topics such as transitioning from military leadership to business leadership and entrepreneurship, balancing family life and career priorities, youth & women mentorship, multicultural marketing, women & non-traditional careers, green economy careers, wilderness adventures, self-confidence, grief, military sexual trauma, post-traumatic stress and volunteerism. Event planners will delight in the variety offered by this group of multi-faceted women.

The Bureau will expand in the coming year, but presently the core group includes:

  • Linda Maloney, Retired Navy aviator, Military Fly Moms [ISBN: 9780978736972], and founder of MMF Media Marketing, LLC
  • Sandra Tibbs, Air Force veteran intelligence officer and soon-to-be Dr. Tibbs, founder of Neverest Solutions, LLC
  • Karen Baetzel, Retired Navy aviator, featured in Stepping Stones to Success [ISBN: 9781600134739] and founder of BattleAxe Consulting Services, LLC
  • Miyoko Hikiji, Army veteran, All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq [ISBN: 9781933909585]
  • Graciela Tiscareño-Sato, Air Force veteran aviator, Good Night Captain Mama/ Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá, a bilingual children’s picture book [ISBN: 9780983476030], founder of Gracefully Global Group LLC
  • Valerie Ormond, Retired Navy intelligence officer, Believing in Horses [ISBN: 9780973633023]
  • Shannon Polson, Army veteran aviator, North of Hope: A Daughter's Arctic Journey [ISBN: 9780310328766]
  • Kim Olson, Retired Air Force aviator, Iraq and Back: Inside the War to Win the Peace [ISBN: 9781591145271], Executive Director of Grace After Fire, a non-profit organization providing assistance to women veterans

“The United States military is the one of the greatest human transformational organizations in history – and an extraordinary place for women,” said Karen Baetzel. “As veterans, we bring inspiring messages and share lessons learned of honor, courage, leadership and grace.”

Sandra Tibbs said, “There is so much about effective leadership of men and women that we learn in the military, yet the vast majority of leaders in corporate organizations do not know these lessons. We can bring practical knowledge and experience to leaders and workgroups as individuals contemplate leaning in, leaning out or leaning some other way.”

“One of our most important roles as women and moms is mentorship and passing down a lasting legacy to young women and our youth to reach beyond the boundless ceiling of success,” said Linda Maloney.


“We are stepping out to put real faces and stories behind the phrase ‘women in the military,’ in order to address present day issues in the Armed Forces,” said Miyoko Hikiji. “We also want to write a representative history of the positive contributions women have made and continue to make, as members of our nation’s military. Our experiences, as told in our books, address the skewed views of women service members, while answering the questions of why we volunteered to serve and why, despite the hardships, we’d do it all over again.”

To request these speakers for your conference, association, educational event or corporate training session, please connect with Angel Picon below. Please find short speaker biographies, topics and book info at


Angel Picon

Phone: 209 688-0892

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Us

The National Women Veterans Speakers Bureau is the first organization of its kind, crafted by women veterans, to showcase the powerful voices of our nation’s servicewomen. These women draw from their military service, entrepreneurial, author and life experiences to train and invigorate team members at every level of your organization. Visit and find us on Facebook at

Soul Repair Center - Moral Injury Recovery

See the full article at:

The Soul Repair Center is dedicated to research and public education about recovery from moral injury.

The Soul Repair Center supports recovery from moral injury through:

1. Research by teams of scholars and scientists studying moral injury, online information and resources, and maintenance of a comprehensive library collection on moral injury recovery.

2. Development of curricula for a variety of organizations and their leaders to support recovery from moral injury.

3. A program for pilot groups.

4. The creation of regional programs for training in moral injury recovery via partnerships with universities, schools, Veterans' organizations, as well as other types of organizations.

See the full article and learn more about this work at: