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Kimberly Olson on Tuttle Talk

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Listen To Colonel Olson on Tuttle Talk

Parenting From A Distance

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Parenting From A Distance!


Listen as military personnel talk about what it is like parenting from a distance and how it effects our families!

Kimberly Olson Speaks at TEDx Turtle Creek Women, Dec. 6, 2013

Wanted... Women Warriors

"Kimberly Olson is a retired United States Colonel, author and CEO/ President of Grace After Fire, an organization designed for women Veterans. With a foundation of selfless dedication to standing for women Veterans until they can stand for themselves, Kimberly's military career allowed her to change perception about women serving in the armed forces. Now her work with Grace After Fire will drive the knowledge that women Veterans can have immense value and resulting success, with a support network customized for their unique needs."

Join Grace After Fire and Newman's Own Honoring Those Who Served


We're super excited to let you know that we're part of the Honoring Those Who Serve Challenge. The Challenge is a fundraising campaign being launched by Newman's Own Foundation. The Foundation is proud to continue Paul Newman’s commitment to help the military community – those who have given so much of themselves, who now face critical needs. To give back, Newman's Own Foundation will be donating $180,000 to organizations like ours focused on empowering military personnel, veterans and their families. The charity that raises the most throughout the Challenge will get a $75,000 donation from Newman's Own Foundation. Second place gets $50,000 and third gets $25,000. We're out to raise as much money as possible for our cause so we can win that $75,000 grand prize donation. We think we can win and to do so, we definitely need your help. We'll be sending emails throughout the Challenge and we'll be asking for you to give. Every donation makes a difference, no matter how small.

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Parade Magazine Features Women Veterans!

DFW Outreach Coordinator Stacy Keyte

While female service members confront the same problems as male veterans, they also face distinct struggles as women. Meet two brave women on their emotional journey from the front lines back home.