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Grace After Fire Strategic Plan


Board Approved January 25, 2018


I. Vision and Mission


The vision of Grace After Fire is to help women Veterans help themselves.


The mission of Grace After Fire is to provide the means for women Veterans to gain self-knowledge and self-renewal.


We serve to protect the Veteran, connect the resource and renew the woman.


II. Core Values

1.         We value and respect all women Veterans seeking support.

2.         We demonstrate visionary leadership.

3.         We create an environment that fosters committed community integration, belonging and social connectedness, for the women we serve, our employees, key stakeholders, and partners.

4.         We engage in and promote the access of resources to all women Veterans and improve their quality of life.

5.         We practice the highest ethical behavior and personal integrity.

6.         We implement responsible financial management in the development of resources and programs.


III. Strategic Goals and Objectives


GOAL 1.         Sustain and expand outreach initiative in targeted areas to better connect with women Veterans.

Objective 1.1              Forge connections with community partners and service providers, on-line and in person to grow outreach initiative.

Objective 1.2              Develop a peer to peer support structure model that is transferable across the country.

Objective 1.3              Implement program improvement and accountability procedures, including process and outcome evaluations.



GOAL 2.         Full implementation of Table Talk™ program to improve service delivery to women Veterans.

Objective 2.1              Continue to build partnerships and establish a more organized process to offer Table Talk through clinics, Vet Centers, and other entities on a larger scale.

Objective 2.2              Streamline online training and offer training through go to meeting to lower travel expenses.

Objective 2.3              Continue current process of outreach to service providers but extend outreach to participate more frequently with CEU training programs for providers.                

Objective 2.4              Use database system to maintain and track the progress of Veteran’s that use our service and develop online assessment capabilities to track overall program outcomes.


GOAL 3.         Become recognized as a national program through partnerships with other national women’s organizations to increase Grace After Fire’s ability to serve women Veterans across the United States.

Objective 3.1              Retain partnership with public relations firm and continue to identify and partner with businesses’ committed to hiring Veterans.

Objective 3.2              Refine and implement a rigorous evaluation with positive outcomes.

Objective 3.3              Increase social media to expand Grace’s presence.


GOAL 4.         Cultivate and build donor relationships to secure sustainability of Grace After Fire.

Objective 4.1              Create and maintain a strategic plan for fundraising that involves staff and Board.

Objective 4.2              Increase and enhance the donor profiles.

Objective 4.3              Continue to access multiple revenue funding streams.

Objective 4.4              Maintain efficient organizational fiscal management and reporting.

Objective 4.5              Continue to expand and enhance relationships with benefactors.

Objective 4.6             Establish Board specific goals to cultivate important relationships and to support and assist in fundraising efforts.


GOAL 5.         Develop procedures to maintain and improve organizational communications to build a world class service organization for women Veterans.

Objective 5.1              Establish and implement specific goals for communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Objective 5.2              Keep lines of communication open and direct between and among staff, Board, and other stakeholders.

Objective 5.3              Develop and implement an Annual Board Retreat.

Objective 5.4              Provide initial and continued training for all Board members and staff on the Strategic goals and objectives.

Objective 5.5              Continue to evaluate staff performance and provide professional development that adds value and the opportunity for growth.

Objective 5.6              Ensure alignment and effectiveness through objective, periodic programmatic reviews.


Download the Strategic Plan Here