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On October 13, San Antonio played host to the Women Veterans Fall Summit, a conference organized by the wonderful, Fort Worth-based Grace After Fire nonprofit. The mission of Grace After Fire is to provide outreach to women veterans by offering confidential peer to peer outreach and direct access to appropriate addiction, trauma and mental health and support services.

I was supposed to speak at the summit, but sadly, had to cancel those plans as the health of Senator Mario Gallegos declined (see lead story above) in the days leading up to it. I'm sorry that I missed out, and I thank my staffer Bill Wilson - the director of the Senate Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Committee, which I chair - for going in my stead.

I'm so thankful that organizations like Grace After Fire exist. While all veterans need support as they transition back to civilian life, there are certain issues that are more prevalent in women veterans, especially military sexual assault.

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