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TBW leaders attend state conference

By Rita Vokes

WFTBW President

July marks the beginning of the new fiscal year for Wichita Falls TBW. As the newly installed president, I am honored and humbled to have been elected to lead such a diverse, dynamic group of working, as well as retired, women from around our great city. It was the pleasure for me and newly elected President- Elect Sally Gray, to attend the annual TBW State Conference in Richardson, along with 201112 President Keli McCord; Parliamentarian Keri Orsak; and WF TBW Liaison to the State Office Evelyn Lucus.


The program meeting for July 24 highlighted the various events of state conference and the many inspiring, informative and entertaining seminars attended over the course of the three days. Much "food for thought" and a lot of relevant, "take home and apply" information was shared.

Here is a very brief synopsis of what was presented: Becki Benes, author, columnist and award-winning speaker, kicked off the conference with "Tapping into Your Unique Brilliance" to demonstrate how women can break through cycles of fear, doubt, frustration and the overwhelming demands of life and business. She shared down-to-earth approaches for women to find true balance, joy, freedom and financial security.

Susan Morrow, crisis management specialist, helps organizations with communicating with the media, counseling and resolving crisis situations. Her presentation, "Do You Know What's in YOUR Brand? A Strategic, Creative Approach to Indentifying and Promoting Your Personal and Business Image," explained how every word one speaks or any action one takes conveys a specific message to the receiver. Bottom-line: One's personal brand - that personal identity - shows what one stands for. Everyone has potential for "super star" status and the ability to convey what real value can be brought to clients. Come and hear some of her suggestions for improving your real value.

"Grace After Fire," presented by Colonel (US Army, retired) Kimberly Olsen, was a riveting overview of what happens to women veterans upon their return home after serving in a war zone. She addressed how they can stay relevant in today's world, both personally and professionally, as well as how they can make their unique skill sets and experiences fit into civilian lifestyle.

Melinda Maroney Johnston, managing director of UBS Financial Securities, Inc., discussed "Preserving the Values of Your Priorities." With more than 30 years experience in the investment business, Melinda was recently chosen as one of the "Top 100 Women on Wall Street." She gave a reality check for everyone and taught the attendees how to protect priorities and assets in a variety of ways.

"GenBlending: Leveraging Talents of a New Generation," by Bette Price, international author and president/CEO of the Price Group, explained how Generation Y, the largest generation of our lifetime - even exceeding the number of Baby Boomers - is one that is all too often misunderstood, misperceived and misrepresented, yet critical to the growth of our country's businesses. To stereotype them is to ignore their potential and deter our nation's future growth. She gave real-life insights into the potential of "Gen Y" and how employers and co-workers can leverage opportunities for future sustainability.

Cheryl Jensen, Executive Coach, Facilitator and Consultant, presented "Secret Partner: Surprising Life Lessons from Following My Intuition." She asked: Does Intuition exist? Is it real? Over the course of a lifetime, her intuition was her compass to some important decisions. She shared how some surprising life lessons can crop up along the way in one's life path which can add to one's skill set and unique repertoire, which in turn, may offer advantages in a competitive market.

In addition to highlighting the above "lessons learned," the future goals of TBW's newly installed state president, Kendra Kinnison, will be shared. The future of our organization is bright, with solid leadership at the state level, and the directors-at-large, who serve as consultants and liaisons to all Local Organization presidents.

Texas Business Women has a rich heritage and a solid, positive reputation for being the leading advocate for workingwomen. You are cordially invited to come for lunch, network with other likeminded women (and men) and get more information about what TBW can offer you!

Our organization is known for:
• Building a legacy for future generations
• Discovering one's leadership potential
• Exercising non-partisan political clout
• Developing one's personal image
• Networking with "movers and shakers"
• Strengthening one's marketing skills
• Enhancing career opportunities
• Promoting workplace equity • Being able to select a flexible involvement level Our meetings are every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, at noon at the Woman's Forum. Lunch is catered by Iron Star and is only $10, all inclusive. Luncheon reservations are required and may be made by contacting Evelyn Lucus at 723-7282 or emailing her at evelyn.lucus@ Visit our website at www.wichitafallstbw. com.

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