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TBW leaders attend state conference

By Rita Vokes

WFTBW President

July marks the beginning of the new fiscal year for Wichita Falls TBW. As the newly installed president, I am honored and humbled to have been elected to lead such a diverse, dynamic group of working, as well as retired, women from around our great city. It was the pleasure for me and newly elected President- Elect Sally Gray, to attend the annual TBW State Conference in Richardson, along with 201112 President Keli McCord; Parliamentarian Keri Orsak; and WF TBW Liaison to the State Office Evelyn Lucus.

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Grace After Fire

Are you having trouble adjusting to civilian life after years of service in the Marine, Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard? The answer to your situation, contact Grace After Fire. An organization dedicated to women and expanding their reach to include men with training, resume building and in your job search after the military. They also have support groups, additional benefits, and great networking with your peers across the state.

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Women Vets Discover 'Grace After Fire'

WASHINGTON, July 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the needs of women veterans of all eras and military branches. Today they launch their online social network -- built by women veterans for women veterans. This network is designed to allow women vets to join hands in order to bring a voice to the many who have been silenced due to military sexual trauma, the invisible wounds of post traumatic stress, and the pain of depression and addiction.

"Many of our nation's women veterans feel isolated and not acknowledged as true veterans. Grace is a distinctive online community where women veterans will have the opportunity to share laughter, tears, and strength with other vets who know what they have been through," said Stephanie Moles, founder of Grace After Fire.

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A mission to help women vets cope with pain

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 By Rebecca Hennes, Westside High School
Mea Williams served in the U.S. Navy. - INSIGHT PHOTO

Imagine having to say goodbye to your family and friends with the possibility of never seeing them again and then leave your entire life behind to go across the world and risk your own life to help your country – as part of your everyday job.

For woman veteran Mea Williams, this was her reality when she served in the U.S. Navy and was deployed the day after the September 11 attacks to work onboard an Amphibious Assault Ship off of the coast of Iraq.

“I was part of the Operation Iraqi Freedom,” Williams said. “Going through it, I really didn’t think of it as war, I just thought of it as my job.”

After serving overseas for an extended tour of seven months, Williams returned home to continue working for the Navy onboard the USS Bataan and later worked at the Navy Public Affairs Center in Norfolk, VA. After six years of honorable service in the Navy, Williams started as a program specialist and later became a center director with KinderCare.

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Colonel Olson's 91.3 KDKR Interview

Colonel Olson recently was featured on the Career Solutions radio program on KDKR at 91.3 to discuss the different career transitionwomen Veterans are faced with and how Grace After Fire can be a great connection.

If you missed Colonel Olson speaking about Grace After Fire Friday on 91.3 KDKR, you still have a chance: Colonel Olson KDKR Interview